Pinnacles National Park 2023 Trip

Pinnacles National Park

Well we're getting ready to head out for another motorcycle trip. We've been doing this motorcycle touring thing since the early 1990's and, over that time, we have visited over 40 Natioal Parks. However there are 2 relatively new parks that have not visied. They would be Pinnacles National Park in California and White Sands National Park in New Mexico. So this year we're going to try for Pinnacles National Park.

White Sands National Park was designated a National Monument by Herbert Hoover in January, 1933 and then designated a National Park by congress, signed into law by President Donald Trump on 12/20/2019, and is the 62nd designated National Park. The park covers 145,762 acres in the Tularosa Basin, including the southern 41% of a 275 sq mi field of white sand dunes composed of gypsum crystals.

Pinnacles National park was designated a National Monument by Theodore Roosevelt in 1908. In 2012 congress designated Pinnacles a National Park, it was signed into law by President Barack Obama on 1/10/2013, and is the 59th National Park. Pinnacles covers 26,000 acres and is the 7th smallest National Park. It's also interesting in that it has an East and a West entrance but no through road - just through trails. We're planning on starting at the East entrance since it has the most roads and the most trails, although we aren't really set up for any heavy duty hiking with jeans and leather jackets. After spending some time on the East side, and depending on weather and time, we will probably head over to the West entrance.

We're planning to head South and plan to stop at Biggs Junction, OR, Klamath Falls, OR, Yuba City, CA, and Hollister, CA. I think we will also take a side trip to Crater Lake between Biggs Junction and Klamath Falls. It will only add about 25 miles to the trip and we haven't been there in years. We have bad memories of the last time we were through there. Thay were doing major road construcion and much of the ride was on rutted, dirt roads - not good on a motorcycle.

We don't have any plans after that although we may head over to the coast and take the coast road north. We have takedn the coast road South several times but never North. We hope to stay off of Interstates as much as possible. The advantage is that the pace is slower and there is less traffic. The disadvantage is that there are fewer rest areas, gas stations, and hotels.

Speaking of hotels, I need to rant here. I have been making reservations for the first part of the trip and was amazed at how the rates at many hotels are non-refundable. Oh sure you can pay extra for refunadable reservations but it's not always obvious from their web site. It seems they are attempting to follow the airlines strategy and I wouldn't be surprised if something doesn't get done to regulate them like the airline industry.

We're just hoping for good weather and no fires.

Day 01 - 09/02/2023 Everett, WA to Biggs Junction, OR
Day 02 - 09/03/2023 Biggs Junction, OR to Klamath Falls, OR
Day 03 - 09/04/2023 Klamath Falls, OR to Yuba City, CA
Day 04 - 09/05/2023 Yuba City, CA to Hollister, CA
Day 05 - 09/06/2023 Hollister, CA to Santa Rosa, CA
Day 06 - 09/07/2023 Santa Rosa, CA to Garberville, CA
Day 07 - 09/08/2023 Garberville, CA to Crescent City, CA
Day 08 - 09/09/2023 Crescent City, CA to Bend, OR
Day 09 - 09/10/2023 Bend, OR to Wenatchee, WA
Day 10 - 09/11/2023 Wenatchee WA to Everett, WA

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