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Pinnacles National Park 2023 - Day 08

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Start Location: Crescent City, CA
Ending Location: Bend, OR
Miles Today: 283
Trip Miles: 1937
States Visited: 3
National Parks Visited: 3
Low Temp: 55.1° F
High Temp: 86.9° F
Min Elevation: -11'
Max Elevation: 5930'

Route Map:


We started out in the morning on Highway 199 headed for Bend, OR. Unfortunately we had to go through the area of the Smith River Complex Fire. Although the road was great a section of it was very smokey. In fact one section was limited to a single lane with a pilot car to lead vehicls in one direction at a time. It wasn't too bad though, I don't think we waited more than about 15 minutes to take our turn. We have been in similar situations in the past and have waited much longer in oppressive heat. We passed the area where all of the fire and emergeny workers were mobilized as well as area that had just recently burned and were still smoking. Several of the hotels in Crescent City were closed to the public and reserved for emergency workers.

Eventually we passed into Oregon and worked our way through Grants Pass and finally Bend. The first time we went through Bend had to be 30+ years ago and we didn't really recognize anything.

Tomorrow we head for Wenatchee, WA.