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Pinnacles National Park 2023 - Day 05

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Start Location: Hollister, CA
Ending Location: Santa Rosa, CA
Miles Today: 171
Trip Miles: 1296
States Visited: 3
National Parks Visited: 2
Low Temp: 62.0° F
High Temp: 86.4° F
Min Elevation: -22'
Max Elevation: 596'

Route Map:


Well I don't thnk anything else broke today. Last night I fiddled with the wiring where the logger plugs into the main board and the logger started working again. It worked today for several hours and then stopped for a while and later started. So we have a graph but ther are some discontinuities where the temerature and elevation just go in a sraight line from one time to another. We also have max and min temperature and elevation values. They may not be completely accurate but they should be close.

We also have a good route map. Besides my logger I used the Ultra GPS app on my phone to map the days route and then send the Tracklog file to my computer. My logger logs around 2000 points during a typical ride and my phone logged more than 13,000 points. This would make for a very accurate track but RoboGeo, the program I use to create the map and geocode the pictures, choked on that many points. I had to use GPS Babel to simplify the track. It uses a very sophisticated algorithm and, even though I reduced the number of points to 2500, it still produced a very detailed track. In fact I took the phone with me when we went into a Safeway to get some lunch, and you can see our tracks inside the store - very cool.

I said nothing broke but the clamp that attached Linda's headset to the helmet came loose. This has happened before and I have the tols to fix this. We may have to sprng for new headsets when we get home.

After leaving Hollister we went directly west to the coast where we picked up Highway 1 which hugged the coast and took us all the way through San Francisco and over the Golden Gate Bridge. From there we headed for Santa Rosa where we would spend the night. I have great memories of Santa Rosa because it was where I did my first Half Ironman Triathlon.

Back to the coast tomorrow and eventually Garberville, CA.