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Pinnacles National Park 2023 - Day 03

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Start Location: Klamath Falls, OR
Ending Location: Yuba City, CA
Miles Today: 306
Trip Miles: 860
States Visited: 3
National Parks Visited: 1
Low Temp: 56.6° F
High Temp: 90.8° F
Min Elevation: 27'
Max Elevation: 5929'

Route Map:


So it seems this may not have been a good time for us to make a trip.

It all started on Day 1. We plugged in our headsets to start the trip and my speakers worked and Linda's spreakers worked, Linda's microphone worked but mine did not. I assumed it was a bad cable connecting the bike to the headset since they are notoriously problematic. I always bring a couple of spares but they were stashed away where it would be difficult to get at quickly so we just took off figuring we would fix it that night. That night we did some troubleshooting and it wasn't the cable and doesn't appear to be the bike connection which means it is most probably the headset itself. I don't know if I can repair it but, if I could, I don't have the tools and equipment with me to do it any way. I can't complain too much sine the headsets, which were top of the line when we bought them, have to be at least 30 years old and have been on may trips and several helmets. It may be difficult to replace it if I can't fixi it since all of the new headsets are Bluetooth. We may just have to wait on that until we get home.

On Day 2 we had the issue with the miles long backup to get into Crater Lake. It was only meant to be a side trip but it was still a pain sitting in the backup and then finally having to give up and head to our final destination for the day.

Today was our biggest problem yet. About 8 miles after our mid day gas stop, the speedometer stopped working, it just sat at 0. Normally that would not be a major problem since the tach was working and I can judge the speed pretty accurately from the RPM. Unfortunately the speedometer controls a number of other things including the odometer reading, turn signal cancelling, automatic radio volume control and (the big one) cruise control. When you are riding 300 to 400 miles a day, cruise conttrol is pretty important. Doing some research tonight it looks like the most common problems with a failed speedometer are either the cable or the small gearbox on the front wheel. If the problem is the gearbbox or the inner cable it should be a simple, quick fix. If the inner cable is completely broken and the part of the cable near the speedometer can't be esily removed, the outer cable has to be removed and half of the bike disassembledto get at the cable. We are In Yuba City tonight and the Honda shop is closed. We will be there first thing tomorrow morning to see if they have the required parts and if they will fix it. If the fix requires major disassembly we may skip it and wait till we get home.

Other than that it was an uneventful day. Google took us on some 'interesting' roads but ultimately got us to our final destination. There seem to be an awful lot of motorcycles around Yuba City and at all of the hotels so we are wondering if there was some kind of event taking place this weekend. If possible we will try to ask one of the riders at out hotel tomorrow.

Hope tomorrow brings us better luck.