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Pinnacles National Park 2023 - Day 09

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Start Location: Bend, OR
Ending Location: Wenatchee, WA   
Miles Today: 328
Trip Miles: 2265
States Visited: 3
National Parks Visited: 3
Low Temp: 65.8° F
High Temp: 93.2° F
Min Elevation: 168'
Max Elevation: 3667'

Route Map:


Compared to some other days, today was pretty uneventful - and we're okay with that. No fires, no new malfunctions with our gear or the motorcycle it was almost boring. We just road 300+ miles on roads that were not crowded and pleasant. When you let Google do the navigating, you end up with some interesting roads - not sure how they determine the best route.

Gas stations in Oregon are still a little weird. They recently passed a law to let people pump their own gas. You used to have to let an attendant pump the gas. On a motorcycle they used to let you pump your own but they frequently made you give them your credit, they inserted it, and then handed you the nozzle. Now they don't seem to know what to do, they just sort of hover and they have some weird special keys. We stopped at a Shell station this morning and the attendants were wearing really dorky hats and uniforms. When I entered my credit card, it asked me how much money worth of gas I wanted. I told the hovering guy that I just wanted to fill up and he pressed the enter key to allow me to go ahead and finish filling my tank. Why can't they just do things like every where else?

And speaking of gas pump nozzles, what's with the vapor reducing nozzles that are all in all stations California and starting to show up now in Washington. They have a spring loaded seal around the nozzle that needs to be depressed when you stick the nozzle into the gas filler tube on an auto but it doesn't really work on a motorcycle. You have to pull up the seal with one hand and pump with the other. It's a pain.

We never did find a nice park where we could stop to eat lunch so we just stopped at a school that had a nice lawn with some shade and we ate there.

This is the 15th trip that we've documented this way and it's getting so I can knock it out pretty quickly at the end of the day. In the early days very few hotels had WiFi and I used the phone line to upload everything. Now a days the process is much quicker and easier. Google messed me up when they switched their API from V2 to V3 and stopped supporting V2 so I had to back and convert all of my maps. Besides that the program that I use to convert the route and geocode the photos is no longer supported and never switched to V3. I had to do a fair amount of programming to do the conversion but now it's relatively straight forward.

Tomorrow we head to Winthrop and then over the North Cascades Highway to home.