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Pinnacles National Park 2023 - Day 04

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Start Location: Yuba City, CA
Ending Location: Hollister, CA
Miles Today: 265
Trip Miles: 1125
States Visited: 3
National Parks Visited: 2
Low Temp: ° F
High Temp: ° F
Min Elevation: '
Max Elevation: '

Route Map:

And so it continues. We arrived at the Yuba City Honda shop when it opened at 9:00 this morning only to be told, very politely and apologetically, that they only started carrying Goldwings a year ago, had no technicans trained in them yet, and had no parts although he offered to order them for us. We didn't want to wait for the parts to come or have to come back to Yuba City so we went on to Hollister where there appeared to be a large Honda shop. We wanted to get there as early as possible so we took I-5 which we hadn't planned on and it was miserable - lines and lines of trucks. We eventually arrived at the shop around 1:00 PM and explained our problem to the service rep who said he needed to talk to his foreman. When he returned he told us that the foreman didn't want to 'mess' with this issue. We have been to many Honda shops from Maine to Arizona and always got friendly, courteous service - they never told us thay didn't want to 'mess' with watever our issue was at the time.

We left there and went to check into our room and have some lunch. After that I dove into the problem on the bike and was able to determine that it does appear to be a bad inner cable but I wasn't able to extract the inner cable to see if I could just replace it or if I would need to replace the entire cable. I guess this will be on my to do list when we get home.

Next I discovered that, for some reason that I haven't been able to figure out, we had no GPS log of the days ride. We have used this logger for years without any issue and never really had any problems. Tomorrow I will install a new SD card as well as start plotting the route on the GPS on my phone as well for a backup. As a result there is no route map, no graph, and no min and max temperature and altitude.  

**EDIT** I figured out a way to use our Google Maps Timeline for the day and convert the KML file of the timeline to a GPX file with our route. So we at least have a route map but no real way to geocode for the pictures so they will have to be separate.

After everything else we did manage to get to the park around 4:00 PM just as they were closing the visitor center. There were a few dozen day hiking folks in the park as well as a half dozen or so campers but that was about all. After our experience at Crater Lake this was very nice. We drove to the end of the road from the East and even did a short hike of a couple of miles to the Bear Gulch Cave which is one of two talus caves in the park. We went partially into the cave but the footing got a litttle questionable with only our cell phones for flash lights.

 While driving in the park we saw both deer and wild turkeys - no condors. Still it was fun and interesting. Apparently to get a really good look at the Pinnacles you need to hike higher up or come in from the West entrance - maybe some other day.

Tomorrow we head West and pick up Highway 1 along the coast with our final destination being Santa Rosa.

Well I had some time and am posting the pictures. For a number of reasons the pictures were not quite as representative as we would have liked. It was late in the day and the combination of sunlight and shadows made pictures difficult. I probably should have taked pictures with my phone since it akes better pictures than the camera we bring. Here's a link to the pictures. Since we didn't have the pictures we would have liked, I included several pictures from the Pinnacles National Park website. Here's a link to the rest of the pictures on their site.