Negro League Baseball Museum 2022 Trip

Negro League Baseball Museum

Well we're getting ready to head out for another motorcycle trip. We've been to most of the National Parks in the West - many of them numerous times - and even quite a few in the rest of the states. The result is that we're always looking for somewhere new to go. Since we're interested in baseball, we have always wanted to visit the Negro League Baseball Museum in Kansas City - so why not now. 

Speaking of National Parks, here's a great web page from The Washington Post with pictures of all 63 National Parks as well as information about size, number of visitors, date when it was designated a National Park, etc. It appears have have visited 41 so far.

We haven't planned the full trip yet but will head for Lewiston, Idaho the first day. Then the second day we travel Route 12 across Idaho which is a great motorcycle ride. We highly recommend Route 12, we have taken this route numerous times and always enjoy it - here's a great description of the route and what to see along the way. We'll end at Lolo Pass before crossing into Montana shortly after. From here we will work our way across Montana and into North Dakota where we will visit Mike and Karin for a few days.

After a rest in Mandan we will head for Kansas City to visit the Negro League Baseball Museum. It looks like that will take about a half day and then we can turn west and head for home which will probably take another 4 days.

That's about all the planning so far. I'm recording audio files from XM/Sirius to play while riding. We did this last year and it worked fine. Along those lines, I purchased a new rear volume control for Linda's headset. I tend to run the audio louder than she does so this let's her adjust her volume. Our Goldwing is a 1999 and it's definitely getting more difficult to find parts and accessories for it - more often that not I end up on Ebay which is where I got the volume control.

Day 01 - 8/30/2022 Everett, WA to Lewiston, ID
Day 02 - 8/31/2022 Lewiston, ID to Butte, MT
Day 03 - 9/1/2022Butte, MT to Miles City, MT
Day 04 - 9/2/2022Miles City, MT to Mandan, ND
Day 07 - 9/5/2022Mandan, ND to Brookings, SD
Day 08 - 9/6/2022Brookings, SD to North Kansas City, MO
Day 09 - 9/7/2022North Kansas City, MO to Hays, KS
Day 10 - 9/8/2022Hays, KS to Laramie, WY
Day 11 - 9/9/2022Laramie, WY to Tremonton, UT
Day 12 - 9/10/2022Tremonton, UT to Pendleton, OR
Day 13 - 9/11/2022Pendleton, OR to Everett, WA

Complete Trip Map

Wrap up and Statistics