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2006 Three Flags Trip

So why the 3 Flags Trip?  Well, last year when we did our 4 Corners Tour, we rode a section of route 89A outside of Flagstaff that followed the Oak Creek Canyon.  It was an incredible ride and, when someone told us that route 89 actually goes all the way from Canada to Mexico, we decided that this year we would ride that route - thus the 3 Flags.  We even thought we would cross over into Canada from Washington and enter route 89 in Montana right from Canada.

Several things have changed since then.  First of all, crossing the border is becoming a major hassle that we would prefer not to deal with unless we have to.  Secondly it looks like route 89 actually peters out in Congress, AZ and doesn't really go all the way to Mexico.  Finally, on closer inspection, it appears that some sections of route 89 either don't look very interesting or coincide with rides we have done multiple times before.  But we didn't have any great ideas for a new name so the song name remains the same.

Actually we will start out on Interstate 90 since we have done most of the roads across Washington numerous times and we just road Steven's Pass and the North Cascades Highway a few weeks ago.  So this time we will take Snoqualmie Pass to cross over the Cascades and will continue on through Eastern Washington.  Once we get to Spokane, we will probably pick up route 2 and stay that first night around Sandpoint Idaho.  The second day we will head for Glacier National Park and, after that, pick up 89 about 20 miles south of the Canadian border and head south towards Yellowstone National Park.

After that things get a little hazy.  We will probably try to hit Dinosaur National Monument and Arches National Park since we haven't seen either of them and then keep heading south through Utah and into Arizona and eventually New Mexico.  All in all we plan to be out about 3 weeks.

There are links below to each day of the trip.  Although we will follow a similar format to last years trip, we have a few new things to try out.  First of all, instead of just an image of the route, the route will be overlaid on a fully interactive Google Map.  That means you will be able to zoom in on any section of the route, pan around the entire map, and do this over a street map background or a satellite image background or a hybrid view.  We hope this will be more interesting.  Secondly, our pictures will be geotagged - that means each picture will be tagged with the exact location where it was shot.  Each picture will be indicated on the interactive map as a small pointer.  Clicking on a pointer will display a thumbnail of the picture and, clicking on the thumbnail, will display a full size image of the picture.  To do all this, we will be using our Garmin Forerunner 201, a Canon A620 digital camera, and a very cool program named RoboGEO.  You can click on the Day 0 link below to see what this will look like and to play around with the map a little.  The route is an actual ride we did a few weeks ago but the images are not from the ride.  They are just sample images to show the idea.

Day 0 - 8/13/2006 Test Day

Day 1 - 8/29/2006 Everett, WA to Ponderay, ID
Day 2 - 8/30/2006 Ponderay, ID to Browning, MT
Day 3 - 8/31/2006 Browning, MT to Gardiner, MT
Day 4 - 9/01/2006 Gardiner, MT to West Yellowstone, MT
Day 5 - 9/02/2006 West Yellowstone, MT to Pinedale, WY
Day 6 - 9/03/2006 Pinedale, WY to Vernal, UT
Day 7 - 9/04/2006 Vernal, UT to Moab, UT
Day 8 - 9/05/2006 Moab, UT to Blanding, UT
Day 9 - 9/06/2006 Blanding, UT to Durango, CO
Day 10 - 9/07/2006 Durango, CO to Socorro, NM
Day 11 - 9/08/2006 Socorro NM to Las Cruces, NM
Day 12 - 9/09/2006 Las Cruces, NM to Holbrook, AZ
Day 13 - 9/10/2006 Holbrook, AZ to Kanab, UT
Day 14 - 9/11/2006 Kanab, UT to Wells, NV
Day 15 - 9/12/2006 Wells, Nv to Salmon, ID
Day 16 - 9/13/2006 Salmon, ID to Colfax, WA
Day 17 - 9/14/2006 Colfax, WA to Everett, WA

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