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3 Flags - Day 15

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Start Location: Wells, NV
Ending Location: Salmon, ID
Miles Today: 382
Trip Miles: 4493
States Visited: 9
National Parks/Monuments: 9
Low Temp: 58 degrees
High Temp: 88 degrees
Min Elevation: 3656'
Max Elevation: 8790'

Route Map:

We started out this morning with only a few more miles to go in Nevada. Just before we reached the Idaho border we got stuck in a contruction zone. The road was down to one lane and we just missed getting through. We waited about 9 minutes, and only 5 vehicles stacked up. That tells you something about the traffic in this area. Good bye to Nevada. There sure are long stretches of nothing.

The southern part of Idaho wasn't any more scenic than Nevada. However, we experienced a first on this trip. We were stopped by a train. We had seen many trains (none with a caboose), but never had to stop for one. As we traveled north the scenery became quite varied. Looking to the right, it was very barren and desert like. But looking to the left, it was quite lush and green. It seemed very unusual to have these two diverse areas only separated by a road.

We went through the Sun Valley area and what an experience. We needed gas and had to really search for a gas station. This community must have an unbelievable number of building regulations and restrictions. There were no gas stations on the main street, and it went for several miles. It was also the most expensive gas on the trip so far at $3.45. There is an incredible amount of money in Sun Valley. I guess we should have realized that when we passed the airport outside of town and it was full of small jets.

Most of the afternoon we followed the Salmon River. What a beautiful ride. The road was one twist and turn after another going up and down and up and down. The ears really got a workout. I also learned first hand what a decreasing radius turn was. I think it should be called an adrenaline causing turn. I also got a verbal lesson on how to brake (or not)through said turn.

This picture made us just a little sad as it reminded us that fall is here and summer is disappearing all too quickly. This sight seemed so out of place. It looked like something out of the Sahara Desert. We have never been to the Sahara, but this is what I think it would look like. All in all, it was a great day and a great ride.