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3 Flags - Day 5

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Start Location: West Yellowstone, MT
Ending Location: Pinedale, WY
Miles Today: 224
Trip Miles: 1444
States Visited: 4
Low Temp: 40 degrees
High Temp: 80 degrees
Min Elevation: 6000'
Max Elevation: 8426'

Route Map:

The day started out cold again at 40 degrees but the skies were perfectly clear, the sun was bright, and it warmed up pretty quickly. It was 47 or 48 by the time we entered the park and it was up to 60 by 11:00 AM. The park was a little more crowded this morning but there was also more wildlife in view. Early on we came on a herd of buffalo grazing in the fields. The fields of geysers and geothermal pools are everywhere and in the cool, crisp air look very impressive. We also saw this buffalo just grazing at the side of the road and watching the cars. I think he really enjoyed the traffic problems he was creating.

For the most part, we moved steadily through the park since we were retracing some of our steps from yesterday. Late in the morning we left Yellowstone and immediately entered the Grand Teton National Park. Winter comes early in this part of the country and at this altitude, the trees are already starting to turn. Of course the main attractions of the Grand Tetons are Jenny Lake and the Tetons in the background. But the park is quite a bit smaller than Yellowstone and we were out by early afternoon.

At the south end of the park is Jackson, Wyoming which is a very popular year-round recreation area. From Jackson, we followed the Hoback River valley where we were awarded with more incredible views. We also could see more fires in the distance. There must be lots of deer along this road because they appear to have some type of sensors to detect them. We couldn't find the sensors but there were lots of these signs.

We are staying in Pinedale, WY which seems to be a very strange town. The population is only listed at about 1400 but it has a pretty sizable downtown area for a town of that size. It has quite a few motels and they are some of the most expensive we have seen on the trip. There were several restaurants in town and most of them were closed. The one we found open was also quite expensive. We're not sure what the story is since there just doesn't seem to be a reason for all this.

We have quite a few more pictures and I really plan to put together albums for Glacier, Yellowstone, and the Tetons as soon as we get somed more time. By the time we check in, get something to eat, and put together the web page, it's almost time for bed. Tomorrow morning we will catch mass at a church that happens to be only a block from the motel and then we are heading for the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area and then Dinosaur National Monument.