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3 Flags - Day 4

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Start Location: Gardiner, MT
Ending Location: West Yellowstone, MT
Miles Today: 187
Trip Miles: 1220
States Visited: 4
Low Temp: 46 degrees
High Temp: 70 degrees
Min Elevation: 5300'
Max Elevation: 8866'

Route Map:

Once again, the day started out cool. However, the skies were clear and the day had great promise. Last night we stayed literally within walking distance of Yellowstone Park. As it turned out, we spent all day driving through the Park. What a great place.

Shortly after entering the park, we saw this elk just sitting in the sun posing for all the tourists. There were numerous elk and deer wandering between the buildings and hotel. It was like they were there as you entered so you wouldn't miss them. This picture was not taken with a zoom lens. The elk was actually that close to the side of the road.

We think the last time we were here was 1996. At that time, the areas severely burned by the fire in 1988 were just beginning to start the long process of regrowth. It was amazing to see how much regrowth there has been since then. We were glad to see this because we could see a fire in the distance. We have no idea how long it has been burning or if it is under control. Just a sign telling us it was caused by nature and not to report it.

It's very difficult to describe all that we saw. There were waterfalls, wildlife, cauldrons, rivers and geysers. And the most famous geyser of all -- Old Faithful. Tomorrow we will travel through the Park again on our way to the Grand Tetons.