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3 Flags - Day 7

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Start Location: Vernal, UT
Ending Location: Moab, UT
Miles Today: 267
Trip Miles: 2013
States Visited: 6
Low Temp: 63 degrees
High Temp: 94 degrees
Min Elevation: 3968'
Max Elevation: 8015'

Route Map:

We started out this morning in Utah, but quickly crossed over into Colorado. The terrain was constantly changing. We spotted this observation station up on top of the mountain and there is absolutely no vegetation at all. Talk about bleak. Then within several miles, there is lush greenery. We expected the road to be rather dull and uneventful. However, as we approached Douglas Pass, the views were spectacular. There were WAY more than 10 switchbacks. It just kept going and going.

We have seen lots of areas with signs saying Open Range over the past week, and never paid them much attention. Today those signs took on a new meaning. We came around a curve and here was this BIG cow right in the middle of the road. He (or she) just looked at us and then SLOWLY finished crossing the road. We have seen many animals on the side of the road, but this was the first one right in our path. Or maybe we were in his path.

After lunch we arrived at Arches National Park. We stopped briefly at the visitor center and proceeded up and up and up into the park. This park is very difficult to describe in words. There are lots of rocks that appeared to be balancing in a pedestal. Then there were the many arches as well as sheer walls of sandstone. The colors were so varied and vivid. The road was an assault on the senses. I had a great time with our new camera. It was so much easier to take pictures while riding, but this one was actually taken while we were stopped.

The views on the way down looked so different from the trip up even though it was the same road. What a great experience this park was. One of the things we want to do on this trip is to stop and take the time to explore different areas rather than just driving by. In Yellowstone Park I am sure we set a record for the number of times we took our helmets off and put them back on again in one day.

We have taken far too many pictures to include with each day's log. If you are interested in seeing more pictures from the parks we have visited, there are links to each park on the main page. We don't always have time to put these up every day but will put them up as we get the time.