Inaugural Trike Tour - 2015 Trip

Inaugural Trike Tour

Well after a two year hiatus, we're heading out on the road again.  We missed last year because we did a Rick Steves Best of Europe Tour instead and we missed two years ago because we decided to try our road trip in a car.  Although they were both good trips, we're looking forward to being back on the bike.

The big difference this year over previous years is the our Goldwing now has 3 wheels instead of two. We had the bike converted to a trike in June of 2015 by OnThree Trikes.  You can see more details of the conversion and the reason for the conversion on our current bikes page.

Although we'll be doing quite a few miles, we don't have a lot of attractions pre-planned.  We have a lot of family things to do and will work out as many stops and attractions as we can as we go.  The primary stops are Bismark, ND to visit with Karin and Mike for a few days, Minneapolis, MN for a 50th Anniversary for Linda's brother and his wife, and then Cleveland to visit my mother who I haven't been to see since last November.

We'll probably start out on Interstate 90 since we tend to stay off Route 2 due to safety concerns.  On top of that there are fire concerns and finally we need to get to Sandpoint, ID by late afternoon to make it to church.  The only thing we have planned so far on the outgoing ride is Glacier National Park and the Going to the Sun Road - assuming there are no fire issues.  We will do this on the second day and from there we will be playing it by ear.  We will definitely have to keep track of the locations of fires, fortunately there are several web sites that indicate the locations of fires.

On the return trip we may try to stop at Devils Tower and maybe even the Beartooth Highway.  We'll have to see ho wit all plays out.

Nothing particularly new this year, except for the trike of course.  We still plan to take pictures, map our route, and then put everything on a web page in the evening.

Day 1 - August 22, 2015 Everett, WA - Sandpoint, ID
Day 2 - August 23, 2015 Sandpoint, ID - Shelby, MT
Day 3 - August 24, 2015Shelby, MT - Williston, ND
Day 4 - August 25, 2015Williston, ND - Mandan, ND
Day 16 - September  6, 2015Mandan, ND - Hulett, WY
Day 17 - September  7, 2015Hulett, WY - Cooke City, MT
Day 18 - September  8, 2015Cooke City, MT - Jerome, ID
Day 19 - September  9, 2015Jerome, ID - Pullman, WA
Day 20 - September  10, 2015Pullman, WA - Everett, WA

Statistics and Wrap up

Complete Trip Map