Sturgis 2021 Trip

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Well we're getting ready to head out for the 81st Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.  This will be our second time attending the rally. The last time was in 2000 with our son Jason who documented our trip and his experience at the rally. We had actually planned to attend last year but then there was the pandemic. This time we will be joined by Jason again as well as Mike and Karin and my brother Mark from Bisbee. Unlike last time when we stayed in Rapid City, we are staying right in Sturgis this year at the Sturgis Downtown RV Park. The home we rented in Rapid City was nice but it was 30 miles from Sturgis and the RV Park is an easy walk to downtown Sturgis - a definite advantage.

I mentioned the RV Park where we are staying. They have traditional tent and camper sites but they also have 118 cabins with bunk beds but no bathrooms or running water - you need to use the communal facilities. They also have a bunkhouse which has 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a small kitchen, and laundry facilites. We have rented 4 of the 5 bedrooms.

We're planning to leave a little earlier than normal and head to Mandan, ND where we will meet up with Mike and Karin and Jason. We'll spend a few days relaxing with them and then head to Surgis from there which should be about a 6 hour ride where we will meet up with Mark. 

No plans for day trips in Sturgis yet, we'll work that all out with the group once we get there.

For the first trip in years we don't have an XM radio. These trips are really the only time we use the second radio (we also have one in the CRV) and they have increased the price ridiculously. Instead we are using my phone and Pulsar which is an Android app. I have loaded about 10 GB of music and we play that. There are about 100 CDs that have been ripped, several long playlists, and about 40 hours worth of recordings of several XM stations including the 60s and Classic Vinyl. These are played through the bikes audio system using an FM modulator - it works great.

Day 01 - 8/5/2021 Everett, WA to Spokane Valley, WA
Day 02 - 8/6/2021 Spokane, WA to Great Falls, MT
Day 03 - 8/7/2021Great Falls, MT to Glendive, MT
Day 04 - 8/8/2021Glendive, MT to Mandan,ND
Day 07 - 8/11/2021Mandan, ND to Sturgis, SD
Day 08 - 8/12/2021Sturgis, SD - Mt. Rushmore, Needles Highway, Crazy Horse
Day 09 - 8/13/2021Sturgis, SD - Spearfish Canyon, Deadwood
Day 10 - 8/14/2021Sturgis, SD - Devil's Tower
Day 11 - 8/15/2021Sturgis, SD to Billings, MT
Day 12 - 8/16/2021Billings, MT to Missoula, MT
Day 13 - 8/17/2021Missoula, MT to Moses Lake, WA
Day 14 - 8/18/2021Moses Lake, WA to Everett, WA

Complete Trip Map

Wrapup and Statistics