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North to Alaska - 2017 Trip - Day 08

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Start Location: Valemount, BC
Ending Location: Hope, BC
Miles Today: 325
Trip Miles: 2010
States Visited: 2
Provinces Visited: 1
Low Temp: 50.2° F
High Temp: 97.1° F
Min Elevation: 153'
Max Elevation: 4750'

Route Map:


As planned we got an early start this morning. Although it was around 50 degrees when we left at 8:00, it proved to be a good plan although it hit 97 degrees before we reached Hope at around 2:30.  Besides that we couldn't wait to get out of that room.

We were on Highway 5 all day and although the first 50 miles went well, the next 150 until we reached Kamloops were a challenge. The highway was very busy probably due to the fact that Highway 97 was still closed. There were few passing lanes and the traffic was steady enough that passing was a challenge.

By the time we reached Kamloops the smoke was very thick and the smell was quite strong. We needed gas in Kamloops and, since there were many gas stations leading into Kamloops, we decided to get gas on the way out. I should have known better - I made this mistake before. Suddenly Highway 5 turned into a high speed freeway and we were out of civilization. I assumed we would be able to get gas along the way but that was also a mistake. We exited at one point that had a sign for gas only to find that the gas was 22 km down a side road.

We ended up at Merrit where we put about 5.7 gallons in our 6.2 gallon tank. I would have been more nervous if I didn't have an extra gallon in the trunk for emergency use.

We had smoke pretty much all the way to Hope where we stayed at a really nice hotel and had a great dinner.

We head for home in the morning.