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North to Alaska - 2017 Trip - Day 09

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Start Location: Hope, BC
Ending Location: Everett, WA
Miles Today: 148
Trip Miles: 2158
States Visited: 2
Provinces Visited: 1
Low Temp: 73.7° F
High Temp: 85.9° F
Min Elevation: -36'
Max Elevation: 489'

Route Map:


Today was pretty much a straight shot home. The air was still very smoky, in fact the sun was a bright red because of the smoke. We also didn't bother taking pictures today since there just wasn't much to see. We got out of Hope around 8:30 and, after about a 20 minute delay at the border crossing, we crossed into the US with no problems at 9:30.

I forgot to plug the SD card into the logger until almost 10:30 so the graph of temperature and elevation is pretty minimal. I was however able to create the tracklog for the map from a Google map.

The traffic on I-5 from Bellingham to home was some of the worst we encountered on the whole trip. The actual road condition was also the worst we saw on the whole trip.

We pulled into our driveway at just about 11:30 after a very successful trip.