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North to Alaska - 2017 Trip - Day 07

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Start Location: Burns Lake, BC
Ending Location: Valemount, BC
Miles Today: 327
Trip Miles: 1685
States Visited: 2
Provinces Visited: 1
Low Temp: 52.6° F
High Temp: 89.7° F
Min Elevation: 1851'
Max Elevation: 3095'

Route Map:


As I mentioned yesterday, we definitely had to change our route today. We checked in the morning and Highway 97 was still closed in both direction from Clinton to 70 Mile House and, since several communities were being evacuated, there were no hotel rooms for miles in any direction. So when we got to Prince George instead of going south on 97 we continued on  Highway 16 to Highway 5 and turned south there to Valemount. We have a room for tonight and it's no showplace but it is a roof over our heads and a bed so we should be good.

There were a lot of construction delays today - one of them was quite long and saw us sitting in the hot sun for quite a while - no fun. There was also a stop for some kind of inspection but, by the time we got there, they waved us through so we have no idea what that was all about.

Around lunch time we stopped at what we thought would be a nondescript rest area. We went down a short hill and it opened up to a nice clearing with picnic tables, restrooms, and right on the bank of a nice stream. We also found a group of 5 motorcycles and 6 travelers. As we talked to them we found they were from 4 different states - Illinois, Wisconsin, New York, and Pennsylvania. They had not met each other before the trip but got together and planned the trip on a Facebook page. They were headed for Hyder for the same reason we went there. Most of them had between 42 and 49 states that they had ridden in and wanted to add Alaska to their list. It was fun to meet them and learn about their group.

We had dinner at really nice local pub that we could walk to from our hotel - probably one of the best meals we have had on this trip.

Tomorrow we head for Hope, BC and have already reserved what we believe will be a much nicer room. It looks like it will be hot tomorrow so we will probably try to get an early start since it is always quite a bit cooler earlier in the day in this part of the country.