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2008 Trip - Day 3

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Start Location: La Pine, OR
Ending Location: Baker City, OR
Miles Today: 368
Trip Miles: 1088
States Visited: 2
Provinces Visited: 0
Low Temp: 52.2° F
High Temp: 81.5° F
Min Elevation: 173'
Max Elevation: 4520'

Route Map:

Well the good news is that we have our power supply back and all is good from that standpoint.  Unfortunately I am not getting any better and we will probably be cutting this trip short.

We took 97 north from La Pine this morning all the way to Interstate 84 that runs parallel to the Columbia River.  I'm not sure I mentioned it yesterday but we saw lots of motorcycles heading south on 395 and not just one or two but numerous groups.  We didn't think too much about it but today, heading north, we saw even more groups heading south on motorcycles.  I did a little research and it looks like they are heading to Reno for Street Vibrations.  This is a big show held there every year in the fall.  I don't think we'll make it there and, even if we did, might have trouble getting a room at this late date.

Turning right at 84 we get to see the Columbia River from a different perspective.  Tuesday we saw it from the Washington side and today we see it from the Oregon side.  Although the ride is more pleasant and there is less traffic on the Washington side, the view is better from the Oregon side.  We also see lots of windmills and wind farms.  There is a lot of wind along the river.

Once we reach Pendleton and retrieve our power supply, I am feeling pretty good and decide we may be able to continue with our trip so we continue on to Baker City with the plan of heading south from there tomorrow.  Although it sounded like a good idea at the time but I am fading fast and will wait to see how I feel tomorrow.