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Trans-Canada - Day 11

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Start Location: Naperville, IL
Ending Location: Owensboro, KY
Miles Today: 398
Trip Miles: 3397
States Visited: 5
Provinces Visited: 5
Low Temp: 75° F
High Temp: 94° F
Min Elevation: 800'
Max Elevation: 2877'

Route Map:

After a very nice visit we left Naperville at 9:00 this morning and it's already 75 degrees and getting warmer constantly. I hope we're not making a mistake. I don't like to get over about 85 degrees but I don't think we will be able to avoid it today.

We are on interstates much of the day and once we get out of the greater Chicago area, the roads aren't too crowded and there are surprisingly few trucks on the road. That's one of the nice things about riding on Sunday. After we get outside of the city, the scenery consists mostly of corn and soybean fields. Linda tells me this is a preview of what we will get in Nebraska except there won't be any soybeans.

We took a slight detour off of I57 on some local roads in southern Illinois. The roads are fine but it means going through several small towns where we have to slow down to 35 and deal with traffic lights. Even though it's very hot, there is high school footbal proactice going on in some of these towns.

Finally in late afternoon we begin to see familiar scenery as we go through Evansville and southern Indiana and then follow along the Ohio river before finally crossing over the bridge into Kentucky and Owensboro.

We arrived at the same Super 8 where we stayed about 15 years ago during their grand opening when we were first visiting Owensboro prior to moving here. We are going out to dinner tonight with some friends and I will be visiting the plant tomorrow while Linda visits with friends.