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Trans-Canada - Day 3

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Start Location: Banff, AB
Ending Location: Medicine Hat, AB
Miles Today: 283
Trip Miles: 918
States Visited: 1
Provinces Visited: 2
Low Temp: 50° F
High Temp: 84° F
Min Elevation: 2211'
Max Elevation: 4589'

Route Map:

Today was a little shorter than normal. We lost an hour because we crossed into the next time zone. We also wanted to stop for mass tonight so we stopped earlier than normal.

It was a little cool when we left this morning - about 50 degrees - but we decided to wear the new vests but did not choose to plug them in just yet. The vests are made of Thinsulate and we were quite comfortable without the power. Within the first hour, the temperature was up to the mid 60s and became very comfortable.

Talk about differences, we left in the middle of incredible mountains in the Canadian Rockies and within an hour were in plains that were flat as far as you could see. We knew we would move into the plains but didn't think it would be that fast or that abrupt. The road here is great - just like our interstates with a speed limit of 110 km/hr which is about 68 miles/hr and reasonable levels of traffic.

Not too much in the way of pictures. The first few are ski jumps left from the Calgary Olympics. The rest are the plains and roads in this part of Canada. Some of the pictures were of fields that appear to be grey - not sure what these were.