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Four Corners - Day 31

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Start Location: Santa Clarita, CA
Ending Location: Redding, CA
Miles Today: 528
Trip Miles: 10247
States Visited: 34
Provinces Visited: 3
Low Temp: 57 degrees
High Temp: 85 degrees
Min Elevation: -6'
Max Elevation: 4115'

Route Map:

It is going to be another day spent on I-5. It is not a greatroute, but we will really rack up the miles quickly. We are on the road by a little after 8 am, and go right past Magic Mountain, a Six Flags theme park. The roller coasters are clearly visible from the road and very inviting. However, the park isn't open yet, so we continue on. The first hour of our day is through mountains and very picturesque. We enjoy it while we can, as we know what is ahead.

I have to take this picture of IKEA for two reasons. One, it is the largest store I have ever seen (actually it is a distribution center) and two, it is in the middle of nowhere. There is nothing near it for miles. I bet they got a great deal on the land.

At one of our gas stops, we see this full grown miniature horse. Very unique. The owner uses these horses for therapy with disabled children.

It is very difficult to tell what this is a picture of. It is the largest dairy farm I have ever seen. The cows must have stretched on for a quarter mile at least. I smelled them before I ever saw them and had plenty of time to get out the camera.

We make our way to Sacramento, the City of Trees. See how many trees there are in this picture. There may not have been many here, but we see one orchard of almonds and olives after another. They just go on and on. There aren't any pictures because if you have seen one tree, you have seen them all. They didn't look any different than the orange groves in Florida.

The afternoon scenery is just plain boring. I have two choices. I can look at this, or I can look at this. The only excitement of the ride is the wind, very gusty and very strong. It must be an every day occurrance as the trees are permanently angled. I guess we shouldn't complain too much. It could have been much worse. As I am writing this, it is pouring rain. Fortunately, we are in for the night. With a little luck, it will be over by morning. The pictures from today were not very exciting, but I just wasn't given a whole lot to work with today. Tomorow will be different.