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Four Corners - Day 32

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Start Location: Redding, CA
Ending Location: Centralia, WA
Miles Today: 511
Trip Miles: 10758
States Visited: 35
Provinces Visited: 3
Low Temp: 48 degrees
High Temp: 69 degrees
Min Elevation: -26'
Max Elevation: 4309'

Route Map:

We could see from the forecasts that we would get wet today -and we did. Today is the first day that we wear our rain gear all day. Although it isn't raining when we leave Redding this morning, we put on our rain gear since it is only 60 degrees and we will start the day by climbing into the Siskiyous. Within a short time, it is 48 degrees but the scenery is worth it even mountain top homes, which must be interesting getting to. Although this is an interstate, you wouldn't know it from the scenery and some of the curves in the road. After a while we go over Lake Shasta and then come upon Mt. Shasta. Anyone who has not seen Northern California really should, it is nothing like Southern California. We also have a new warning today - we are told to watch for bears. We do but don't see any.

A little later we cross into Oregon but miss the sign. What we don't miss is the northwest weather. Throughout the day we go through periods of rain where it gets quite cool and then clearing where it gets just slightly less cool. We also experience the requisite construction. I think there may have been as much construction in Oregon as almost anyplace else. I also have watched my fuel level carefully. I always attempt to minimize my number of fuel stops in Oregon. They have laws that don't allow you to pump your own gas in Oregon, I think the idea is supposed to create jobs. I have even been to stations where they take your credit card and then they put it in the slot in the pump. Anyway that's my personal peeve.

Late in the afternoon we pass through Portland, leave Oregon, and enter Washington - where we left some 32 days ago. The difference is that, when we enter the state, the skies open up. At mile 20 we finally have to stop under an overpass because my face shield keeps fogging up when I close it and, when I open it partially, I get blasted with water. We wait to see if it would clear up - which it doesn't - and then I try the old saliva trick. I figure if it works for swimming goggles it would work for face shields. It does work and we go another 20 miles before it finally lets up. We eventually stop in Centralia because we are both cold and tired and hungry.

Tomorrow is Corner 4.