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Four Corners - Day 14

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Start Location: Madawaska, ME
Ending Location: Sturbridge, MA
Miles Today: 507
Trip Miles: 4036
States Visited: 15
Provinces Visited: 3
Low Temp: 57 degrees
High Temp: 83 degrees
Min Elevation: 7'
Max Elevation: 1188'

Route Map:

We are in Madawaska,Maine and the 4 Corners Tour officially begins today. The skies are overcast, there is a little fog, it's 57 degrees, and we are ready to go. We start by taking a picture of each of us on the bike in front of the Post Office. We take route 1 out of town and then pick up route 11. It is beginning to warm up and the skies are clearing. It is a hilly, winding road that is most picturesque. We get lots of opportunities to view the scenery because whenever 5 or 6 houses are close to one another, the speed limit drops to 25 mph. The first 30 miles of this are rather enjoyable, but after going only 125 miles in 3 hours, we are ready for a change. We pick up I-95 and really cruise. The scenery is still remarkably similar. The moose are still out wandering, or so the signs say. There is very little traffic, but we know this will eventually change.

We stay on I-95 all the way to the Maine/New Hampshire border. We are only in New Hampshire for about 12-15 miles and the most distictive sight is the toll booth. We continue on and quickly cross into Massachusetts and pick up I-495 to bypass Boston. We arrive just in time for rush hour and I feel like we are on I-5. There are too many cars and not enough pavement. No picture, as I am sure you all know exactly what it looks like. We then pick up I-90 and take it to I-84. It was a long day, but a great ride. Hope we have lots more to come.

When we were going through Montreal, I took a picture of a sphere that I didn't know what it was. My "walking buddy", Kristine, found a website that explains all about it. Also, her husband said the stadium is where the Expos used to play baseball. It is called Olympic Stadium. It was built for the 1976 Olympics hence the original name.

If all goes well tomrrow, we will be visiting with Mary Anne and Roger tomorrow evening and will probably not get a chance to upload the days web page until the next night.