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Four Corners - Day 15

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Start Location: Sturbridge, MA
Ending Location: Fairfield, PA
Miles Today: 410
Trip Miles: 4446
States Visited: 17
Provinces Visited: 3
Low Temp: 66 degrees
High Temp: 83 degrees
Min Elevation: 30'
Max Elevation: 1795'

Route Map:

Today is going to be a long, not so interesting ride. We havea destination chosen and we are on a mission (but not from God). The day is beautiful and we head south on I-84 into Connecticut. We go under a bridge that welcomes us to downtown Hartford.

The morning is spent following trucks and going through construction. I am not going to put in any more pictures of this as we all know exactly what it looks like. Not the best ride, but OK. I got a great picture entering NY as we were only going about 10 mph. The afternoon goes much better and the scenery is beautiful. Of course, everything looks better in the sunshine.

We continue on I-84 through New York and into Pennsylvania. We are repeating some states, but it can't be avoided. We pick up I-380 to I-81 to route 15 which takes us almost to Mary Anne and Roger's. We have reached our destination and receive a warm welcome.