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LA or Bust - 2009 Trip - Day 15

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Start Location: Westlake, OH
Ending Location: Naperville, IL
Miles Today: 364
Trip Miles: 4557
States Visited: 17
National Parks Visited: 2
Low Temp: 63.9° F
High Temp: 83.1° F
Min Elevation: 525
Max Elevation: 1075'

Route Map:


This was strictly an interstate day.  We took I90 to I-80 to I-355 to I-88 and then a mile or two to our final destination.  We did this because they were forecasting late afternoon thunderstorms in the Naperville area.  As it was, it began to sprinkle as we came to a stop and was raining fairly steady by the time we got the bike unloaded and covered - and really poured later in the afternoon.

The ride was uneventful and has definitely improved since they opened up I-355 from I-80 all the way to I-88.  We used to have to take I-294 which is always under construction and has very heavy truck traffic.  I-88 is a toll road and there were no trucks at all.  I'll gladly pay a toll for that privilege.

We're still deciding what route to take starting Wednesday as we head for home.  We'll probably start out on I-88 until we get out of the heavily populated areas and then see how it goes from there.