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LA or Bust - 2009 Trip - Day 10

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Start Location: Kosciusko, MS
Ending Location: Clarksville, TN
Miles Today: 357
Trip Miles: 3594
States Visited: 13
National Parks Visited: 2
Low Temp: 74.7° F
High Temp: 93.9° F
Min Elevation: 33'
Max Elevation: 1090'

Route Map:


Well, it seems as if we have developed a small problem - but first today's ride.  It was raining earlier this morning but let up as we were having breakfast so we went out after breakfast to take the cover off the motorcycle.  The minute we did, it started to rain again so we moved the bike under cover of the canopy at the motel entrance.  At least we were able to load up all our gear and get the bike ready to go without working in the rain.  As we got on the bike and rode out at 9:00 the rain let up but three mintes later, as we got on the Parkway, it began again in earnest.

It continued to rain steadily for the next 50 miles but we had on our rain gear and it was a warm rain - something we aren't used to in Washington.  After that first hour, the sun came out and it began to dry out and stayed dry for most of the remainder on the morning and into the afternoon.  Once again the ride was very pleasant with very little traffic and no problems.  We had worried a little about wildlife - you never want to have an encounter with a deer, especially on a motorcycle.  Fortunately, it wasn't a problem.  During the whole ride we saw 2 deer (only one still alive), two foxes, and numerous groups of wild turkeys.  We think that we would definitely win in an encounter with a turkey but it would be ugly and not much fun, fortunatley we didn't have to find out.  We tried to get pictures of the turkeys but, with one exception, by the time we saw them and got the camera ready, it was too late.  We did finally get one shot in the last 10 miles but they must have been drinking because they were all blurry.

During the afternoon we got several light sprinkles and then, shortly before we got to the end of the Parkway, we got one last heavy rain.  Since we were near the end of the day, we didn't even stop for rain gear and it only lasted about 5 or 10 minutes.

We successfully navigated around Nashville and ended up in Clarksville, TN.  That's when our problem arose.  I like to inspect the bike in the evening when we get in - things like oil level, tire pressure, and a visual inspection of the tires.  That's when I found what appears to be a split in the rear tire that I hadn't noticed before.  It's inside the tread so it might be okay but, when you only have two tires, both of them are really important.  There is a Honda dealer in Hopkinsville, KY which is only about 25 miles from here so we will call them first thing in the morning and see if they have a tire and if they can put it on for us.  This is not an unusual thing for dealers or for us for that matter.  We have replaced tires in Utah, Maine, Arizona, and Michigan.  Let's hope Kentucky won't be a problem.