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Four Corners - Day 23

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Start Location: Lake City, FL
Ending Location: Monteagle, TN
Miles Today: 448
Trip Miles: 7184
States Visited: 24
Provinces Visited: 3
Low Temp: 77 degrees
High Temp: 93 degrees
Min Elevation: 76'
Max Elevation: 1910'

Route Map:

We will finally be leaving Florida today. Just for the record,we both liked northern Florida but felt that from Miami south was the pits and smelled like it, too. From Ocala north wit as very delightful, but leave we must. We are only on the road a few miles and we are passed by a dozen or more motorcycle cops and one squad car. It was very cool, they were traveling two abreast in perfect formation right down the center lane of a three lane interstate. They all sat bolt upright and looked straight ahead as if there was no one else on the road. I didn't even have the camera out yet. I asked Bob to speed up and catch them, but he didn't think they would appreciate it. I did get another photo opportunity as they were stopped at a rest area. I didn't get much notice, so the picture is a little blurred.

We are once again in Georgia. We enjoyed it the first time, but really didn't plan on seeing it again. When we think of all that people are having to endure due to the hurricane, we certainly are not complaining. We are again on I-75. If you want to know what we see today, go back to last Sunday's log. Nothing has changed much in 5 days. Rather than take a construction picture, I took one of the clay soil. It is hard to believe that anything can grow in this stuff, but it does. Once we get north of Atlanta and close to the TN border, the countryside becomes more rolling and hilly.

Finally, we get to add a new state. We cross the Tennessee River and turn left and the scenery is beautiful. As we climb the temperature begins to drop. Today is a perfect temperature. Even though we are on interstates all day, it is most enjoyable. Tomorrow we should be able to get off the beaten path.

The bike is running great but gas is going up every time we stop. Twice we have bought gas at $2.799 only to have the price raise to $3.099 as we complete our fillup.