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Four Corners - Day 10

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Start Location: Rocky River, OH
Ending Location: Rocky River, OH
Miles Today: 0
Trip Miles: 2555
States Visited: 10
Low Temp: 75 degrees
High Temp: 90 degrees
Min Elevation: 670'
Max Elevation: 670'

Route Map:

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Well we're making up for no maps yesterday with 2 route maps today. The first is my running route this morning. I'm used to running 5 to 8 miles but in cool weather with relatively low humidity. I thought I was going to die this morning after 2 miles in very high humidity. As I got acclimated it was a little better but never fun. The route was along Lake Road which, as the name implies, runs along Lake Erie. You can only see the lake in a few areas but the homes along there are beautiful with new ones going up all the time as older ones are torn down. It seems like each new one is bigger and more magnificent than the previous one.

The second map is the route from Mom's current house to Dan's and Mom's new house. Their new house is in a subdivision called The Preserve which is very nice. Although there is still a lot of construction going on, you can still see that it will be very pleasant when it's completed. I have more pictures of the house and will post them in the next few days on a separate page.

I spent more time today on the computer but was unsuccessful. I have identified the virus, it is called IRC/BackDoor.SDbot. Although the anitvirus software that I installed appears to find and delete the files, it apparently is not capable of completely removing the virus. If you don't try to go online, everything is fine; but, as soon as you go online, it begins to take over your connection and freezes up the computer. After discussions with Jerry, we think the best thing will be a reformat and reinstall of the operating system. I'm not too excited about the people that do these types of things and think there ought to be much stiffer punishment. Perhaps the rack could be brought back into use.

Finally, I spent some time this afternoon installing some new highway pegs on the motorcycle. I have long legs and long hours of being folded up on a motorcycle can be uncomfortable. I had some highway boards installed on the bike, but they didn't work very well - I had to sort of bend my legs to get at them. The new pegs are called Mick-O-Pegs and I hope they work better. They are spring loaded so that they come up out of the way on curvy roads but, on long straight stretches, they let you stretch your legs out. It's too early to tell how they will work, but tomorrow will be a good test. I didn't get any pictures of the new pegs but will try to get some tomorrow.

This evening we all went over to Jerry and Kathleen's for the usual outstanding dinner. It was a nice evening and a wonderful time was had by all.

So early tomorrow morning it's off to Watertown, NY for a night then across the border and into Canada.