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Yosemite National Park - 2016 Trip - Day 04

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Start Location: Red Bluff, CA
Ending Location: El Portal, CA
Miles Today: 305
Trip Miles: 1137
States Visited: 3
Provinces Visited: 0
Low Temp: 67.2° F
High Temp: 100.0° F
Min Elevation: -3'
Max Elevation: 6304'

Route Map:


This morning was about as exciting as yesterday - straight down I-5 to Sacramento, through Sacramento to 99 and then east on 4 and 120 to get to the park. We didn't see anything of note before the park and arrived at the Yosemite View Lodge around 3:30. The lodge is massive with many buildings and seemigly hundreds of rooms. They have numerous pools and spas (both indoors and outdoors) as well as a full service restaurant and a pizza place. They also have a small store where you can get many types of food. 

We actually had to drive through a corner of the park to get to the lodge.  After a dip in one of the pools and spas, we ate dinner at the on site restaurant and worked on a plan for the next couple of days. We head for Yosemite Valley tomorrow and may take the shuttle around the valley to get some time off the bike. Tuesday will probably be Glacier Point and wash clothes in the late afternoon seeing as that will be day 6 and we only have 6 changes of clothes. Then Wednesday it will be Tuolumne Meadows and finally out the east side of the park and head north on 395.