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Inaugural Trike Tour - 2015 Trip - Day 03

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Start Location: Shelby, MT
Ending Location: Williston, ND
Miles Today: 411
Trip Miles: 1134
States Visited: 4
Provinces Visited: 0
Low Temp: 52.6° F
High Temp: 108.2° F
Min Elevation: 1875'
Max Elevation: 3456'

Route Map:


Today will be a very short post.  There was not much to see today as evidenced by the lack of photos.  The most interesting thing we did today was looking for the 420 mile post sign along Route 2.  Linda reminded me of an article we read recently about the trouble states were having with 420 signs.  They were disappearing supposedly because of the reference to marijuana.  Many states have replaced 420 signs with 419.9 signs.  So we were on the lookout but Montana did not have either a 420 sign or any ther sign between 419 and 421.

The trike has been fine and the handling has been great.  the only thing we were a little disappointed with is the reduction in gas mileage.  We expected some but not quite as much as we got.  We normally averaged 38 to 40 miles per gallon on a trip like this but are currently only getting 30 to 32.  The cost of the gas isn't as big a deal as the inconvenience of having to stop more often and being more vigilant about checking the gas gauge.  We used to go 180 to 200 miles before a fillup but now only got 150 to 160 miles.  We'll just have to get used to it.

Tomorrow on to Mandan and Mike and Karin's house.