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Trans-Canada - Day 12

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Start Location: Owensboro, KY
Ending Location: Owensboro, KY
Miles Today: 54
Trip Miles: 3451
States Visited: 5
Provinces Visited: 5
Low Temp: 84° F
High Temp: 95° F
Min Elevation: 386'
Max Elevation: 479'

Route Map:

Well we're in Owensboro and it's HOT. We started out at 85 this morning and the temperature got up to 95. As hot as it was, everyone here was pleased that it had cooled down. Apparently they had 5 or 6 days in a row above 100. I think I'm beginning to like Washington better and better.

We both had a nice day. I went out to the mill and caught up with a lot of old friends and co-workers. Linda spent the day with a good friend from her days with the school system. We had a nice dinner at one of our favorite restaurants here and, after dinner, took a ride out to see our old house which is up for sale again. We took several pictures but, by the time we got to the house, it was pretty dark. We forgot how early it gets dark here. Besides being quite a bit south of where we are in Everett, Owensboro is on the eastern edge of the Central Time Zone.

I think tomorrow the plan is to start heading north until it begins to cool down and then turn left and head for home. Along the way we plan to pick up a few more states. We counted the other day and we have been to 42 states on a motorcycle so far (not just this trip). We are currently missing Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alaska, and Hawaii. We planned to get Mississippi and Louisiana on our 4 Corners Trip two years ago but had to change our plans and divert because of Katrina and it's too hot to get down there now. Not sure if and when we will do Alaska and Hawaii, but we are going to try for the other 4 in the next 2 days. Part of it depends on how hot it is so we'll just have to wait and see.

Finally, after we get to cool weather, we may try to stop by Crazy Horse. We haven't been there in 7 years and it might be interesting to see if they have made any discernible progress.