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Trans-Canada - Day 5

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Start Location: Moosomin, SK
Ending Location: Kenora, ON
Miles Today: 364
Trip Miles: 1715
States Visited: 1
Provinces Visited: 5
Low Temp: 59° F
High Temp: 64° F
Min Elevation: 738'
Max Elevation: 1886'

Route Map:

Today was interesting. The temperature never changed more than 5 degrees all day. We started out at 59 and ended up at 64. We also started out with rain gear on and wore it all day. It didn't rain steady all day but did rain on and off and was overcast all day.

The first 3 quarters of the day was the same as yesterday and the day before - flat. In fact we were talking to a local gentlemen we met at a gas stop and he said "It's so flat around here you can watch your dog run away for three days". Now we didn't stay around to check it out but he seemed to be very reliable so we will take his word on it.

The last quarter of the day was through pine forests and was more scenic but was also the rainiest. We didn't really get anything in the way of pictures because of the rain.

We also lost another hour due to a time zone change today and got into Kenora later than we normally get in. We never did figure out what was going on in the town but all of the nice motels were full and we ended up with what appeared to be one of the last rooms in the town. It was definitely not 5 star but there no baseball bats under the beds so maybe that's a good thing. It was also the first place where we had no internet connection so we had to use our Budget Dialup account that we keep for that very reason. Even the phone connection was not very good so the upload to the web site was very slow.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.