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Trans-Canada - Day 4

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Start Location: Medicine Hat, AB
Ending Location: Moosomin, SK
Miles Today: 433
Trip Miles: 1351
States Visited: 1
Provinces Visited: 3
Low Temp: 58° F
High Temp: 74° F
Min Elevation: 1761'
Max Elevation: 2719'

Route Map:

We got a good start out of Medicine Hat this morning and quickly crossed over into Saskatchewan. Our atlas depicted todays route as a scenic route but you could have fooled us. The ride looked very similar to yesterday with the exception that some of the farms and ranches were slightly more rolling instead of dead flat like yesterday.

It was interesting to see large hay bales in the median along the road in many places - not sure if they farm the medians or just bale up the weeds. Other than that we took very few pictures. Part of this was the lack of interesting scenery and part of it was because it was so windy, Linda was doing all she could to hang on and keep her helmet on her head. The wind also played havoc with our gas mileage, but who's keeping track.

The roads up here have really been excellent and partly due to the roads and partly due to the lack ot towns, we put in over 400 miles and still got in by 5:00 PM.

Tomorrow we head into Manitoba which looks like it may be similar to Saskatchewan but then it's into Ontario which we believe will be very scenic.