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Trans-Canada - Day 1

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Start Location: Everett, WA
Ending Location: Kamloops, BC
Miles Today: 318
Trip Miles: 318
States Visited: 1
Provinces Visited: 1
Low Temp: 64° F
High Temp: 94° F
Min Elevation: 0'
Max Elevation: 2375'

Route Map:

Well I finally got around to getting everything worked out. There are a few differences from last year. We aren't putting links to the pictures in the text - it just takes too long. You can click on a marker on the map to see a thumbnail of a picture and then click on the thumbnail to see the cicture in its own window. Unfortunately sometimes the markers are over the top of each other and can't be accessed this way. Instead there is a 'quicklinks' box in the upper left corner of the map that is a drop down box with links to all of the pictures on the map - even the obscured ones. If you click on the arrow in the box, the box will open and you can select an image. That thumbnail will then show up at the appropriate place on the map. At this point you can either click on the thumbnail to see the picture or press the up or down arrow key to scroll through all of the thumbnails. I hope this works out.

The mornings ride was pretty uneventful. We crossed over the border at about 11:30 and there was no wait on our side. Unfortunately, even though Sumas isn't a very popular crossing, there was a very long wait getting back into the US. I can't wait to cross back in again. They asked us a lot more questions than usual and even asked to see our passports.

As you can see there weren't many pictures in the morning since it wasn't all that scenic. However we stopped for lunch at the entrance to the Frazer Canyon and then followed the canyon all afternoon. It was a very pretty ride although it got much hotter than we ever expected. The temperatures hit 94 degrees - not much need for heated vests yet.

We stopped for the night at Kamloops and will head for Banff tomorrow.