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National Parks - 2012 Trip - Day 15

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Start Location: Boise, ID
Ending Location: Everett, WA
Miles Today: 533
Trip Miles: 5145
States Visited: 9
National Parks: 7
National Monuments: 3
Low Temp: 53.2° F
High Temp: 85.4° F
Min Elevation: 4'
Max Elevation: 4215'

Route Map:


Unfortuntely we had to leave Boise in the morning and head back to Washington.  We had a great time and the weather in Boise was great.  It was amazing to walk around Boise in the evening in warm and comfortable temperatures.  In Everett it is almost never warm after sunset.

Again we were on Interstates all day.  Probably the most exciting thing we had happen was going over one of the passes between Yakima and Ellensburg.  We were at the top of the pass at 70 miles per hour when a car that was passing us blew a tire.  The tire virtually disintegrated and was very loud.  Fortunately the tire was on the opposite side of the car from us and the driver didn't lose control.  He was able to slow down and then pull over to the side of the road behind us.  It did get our adrenaline pumping a little.

We got into Ellensburg around 3:30 and, since we had gained an hour and were that close, we decided to go all the way home - no surprise there.  We got in around 6:00 despite some rush hour traffic and were glad to be home and in our own beds after two weeks of motels.

I have lots of statistics on the trip and will probably get around to posting it in the next few weeks.  Thanks for following us.