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National Parks - 2012 Trip - Day 13

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Start Location: Tropic, UT
Ending Location: Ogden, UT
Miles Today: 335
Trip Miles: 4309
States Visited: 8
National Parks: 7
National Monuments: 3
Low Temp: 52.7° F
High Temp: 98.3° F
Min Elevation: 4201'
Max Elevation: 7811'

Route Map:


Today was a story of the good, the bad, and the ugly.  The good was the ride up route 89 from Bryce Canyon.  The ride was about 80 miles, the weather was cool and crisp for a change, the scenery was beautiful, and the roads were virtually empty.  We loved this ride.

The bad was that we eventually had to get on the Interstates.

The ugly was I-15 from Provo to Ogden.  It  was hot, it was congested, and on top of that there was an accident south of Salt lake City that brought traffic to a crawl.  Being on an 800 pound motorcycle in stop and go traffic in 90 degree temperatures and dressed in black leathers just isn't much fun.

Eventually we got to Ogden and remembered why we don't much like the Interstates.

We're heading to Boise tomorrow where we will visit with my brother and his wife and their daughter.  We are looking forward to this and should have a great visit.

Just a side note - we didn't upload our log last night because the motel we were staying at apparently had some type of firewall that didn't allow FTP transfers.  I tried two different programs and, although I could log in, I couldn't get into transfer mode...sigh.