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National Parks - 2010 Trip - Day 16

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Start Location:  Baker City, OR
Ending Location: Everett, WA
Miles Today: 397
Trip Miles: 4980
States Visited: 10
National Parks Visited: 11
Low Temp: 57.6° F
High Temp: 81.0° F
Min Elevation: 29'
Max Elevation: 4198'

Route Map:


Well somehow we did it - we made it all the way back without any rain.

The ride we took today - I-84 to I-82 to I-90 - is one we have done dozens of times.  It wasn't much different this time well maybe except that we didnt have to fight the normal winds through eastern Washington.  So there weren't many pictures today.  I think the most interesting thing we saw today was this rig parked at the motel.  Here's a different view.  We estimate the value at a conservative $35,000 and the passenger doesn't even get the full experience.

Now the embarrassing part.  We were exactly one block from home after riding almost 5,000 miles in the last 16 days and I was coming to a stop to turn at a light and stopped while turning.  This is not a good thing - I tipped the bike over.  Fortunately the bike only really tips to about 45 degrees and we were able to tip it back up without too many problems.  But it was still pretty embarrassing.  I guess if that's the worst thing to happen on this trip, we should be pleased with the trip - and we were.