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North to Alaska - 2017 Trip - Day 01

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Start Location: Everett, WA
Ending Location: Cache Creek, BC
Miles Today: 269
Trip Miles: 269
States Visited:1
Provinces Visited: 1
Low Temp: 60.5° F
High Temp: 94.2° F
Min Elevation: -20'
Max Elevation: 1652'

Route Map:


After about 35 days without rain in our area, we headed out today under grey cloudy skies that looked like rain. Fortunately by the time we got to Bellingham the clouds went away and we had sunshine the rest of the day. We crossed over the border into Canada at around noon with no wait and no problems. Shortly after that we stopped at a rest area for lunch.

We traveled on Highway 1 the entire time and it changed from a 2 lane divided highway in Hope to a 2 lane road from there to Cache Creek. The road to Hope wasn't anything special but the road from there on was beautiful. We followed the Fraser Canyon and the Fraser River most of the way and it was a great road with very light traffic. There are fires currently burning in the area and we went through several areas that had recently burned and we could see and smell smoke in some areas.

Much to our surprise it got very hot this afternoon with temperatures into the mid 90s. That's a little too warm but it looks like the weather should be cooler tomorrow. By the end of the week we may wish we had some of this heat.

We stayed at the Cache Creek Inn which was older but very clean and very reasonable. Their idea of breakfast is a voucher for a breakfast sandwhich at Subway which is right next door and seems to be owned by the same people - to get ice you take your bucket over to the Subway drink dispenser.

Tomorrow it's on to Prince George.