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Four Corners - Day 33

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Start Location: Centralia, WA
Ending Location: Everett, WA
Miles Today: 287
Trip Miles: 11045
States Visited: 35
Provinces Visited: 3
Low Temp: 50 degrees
High Temp: 69 degrees
Min Elevation: -31'
Max Elevation: 546'

Route Map:

Today is going to be a challenge to look at the route as atourist rather than just another trip on I-5. It is very cool when we start, but no rain. Shortly after we start, we get our first look at the Olympic Mountains. We also notice that some of the trees are starting to turn colors already. It just seems way too early as we are still on our summer trip. Reality is setting in.

As we near Fort Lewis we pass this convoy. I am guessing that they are reserves on weekend duty as they all look over 16. Active duty guys all look so young. I realize that I am showing my age here. We also pass 2 ladies in a little red car that just stare at us. We think that they are so jealous and wish they were all bundled up and out for a Sunday ride...or not.

We drive right by Enchanted Forest and Water Park or whatever it is called since Six Flags bought it. It certainly doesn't look very inviting this morning. This picture is a rare scene. For those of you who live in this area, you realize that it is not very ofter when you see I-5 with no trucks, no construction, and cars traveling the speed limit. Definitely worth noting.

I think this is the first time I have ever taken a picture of Seattle. You can see Safeco Field (baseball stadium) on the left and Qwest Field (football stadium) next to it. It looks like the Space Neelde is sitting on top of the stadium, but it really isn't. It is a very welcome sight as it means we are close to the end of the trip.

The scenery today is as beautiful as any we have seen on this trip. The only thing that could make it better is a little more sunshine and if it was a little warmer. But it is still a beautiful stretch of road. We reach our destination before noon. This is the 4th and last corner. We find the Post Office and take the necessary picture of each of us with the bike. We did it!!! The "official" 4 Courners Tour is over. Now we turn around and head for home. The trip back is just as beautiful as it was going the other direction. Hasn't changed much in the last half hour. This is the last picture. Mission accomplished. It has been an incredible trip and more than met our expectations. We each had some reservations and concerns before we left, but we would do it all again.

Stay tuned for final statistics of the trip in the next couple of days.