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Four Corners - Day 27

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Start Location: Raton, NM
Ending Location: Farmington, NM
Miles Today: 304
Trip Miles: 8745
States Visited: 31
Provinces Visited: 3
Low Temp: 60 degrees
High Temp: 88 degrees
Min Elevation: 5327'
Max Elevation: 10498'

Route Map:

The whole day today is spent on route 64 in northern NewMexico. We are over 6000' when we start, so it is cool. Actually we were over 6000' for all but the last 250 miles today. In fact we climbed to just under 10,500' which is the highest we have ever been on a motorcycle. The first 20-30 miles are relatively flat, almost like a plateau, and we come across a field of buffalo. This road is about as perfect as it can get. There are no trucks and most of the traffic is going in the opposite direction.

Then we start climbing, the road becomes twisty, and the scenery is absolutely incredible. There are so many places to pull off and sightsee, but we realize that we cannot possibly stop at all of them. The first stop is Palisades Sill, and the cliffs go straight up. Next is Eagle Nest Lake, and there is not a single boat on the lake. Maybe they are not allowed, don't know.

We have been on so many Veteran Memorial Highways that we have lost count. One stretch of 64 is named the Vietnam Vet Mem Hwy and has a memorial and musuem as well as a chapel. We spend some time going through it and remember a period of history that was very prominent in our lives. The helicopter is just too real.

This house has to have one of the most amazing settings we have ever seen. I can't imagine what the driveway must be like. The next stop is the bridge over the Rio Grande Gorge. The force that created the gorge is unimaginable.

Not all houses are set among trees. These solar homes stretch for several miles.

I took lots of pictures today. I think I take the perfect shot and then we go around a curve and it gets even better. I just keep taking more, and more, and more, and more. Actually, I didn't take that last one. Bob asks me to pass him the camera as he wants to try and take one over the top of the windshield. It is less than successful.

The animal sign of the day is cattle. We do see lots of cattle, but fortunately none of them are crossing the road. Only one of them is on the wrong side of the fence and right on the side of the road. This sign is just for Mike. Finally, this is the last picture of the day.

Linda took lots of pictures today and, for those interested, they are posted at: