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Four Corners - Day 25

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Start Location: Little Rock, AR
Ending Location: El Reno, OK
Miles Today: 374
Trip Miles: 7992
States Visited: 28
Provinces Visited: 3
Low Temp: 78 degrees
High Temp: 93 degrees
Min Elevation: 255'
Max Elevation: 1409'

Route Map:

We start the day off with breakfast in the lobby of the moteland meet a couple from Louisiana who evacuated from their home last Saturday. They live about 70 miles north of New Orleans and just received word from their daughter that their home is fine, but they have no power. They plan on staying in Little Rock for another week and will then head home. They say they have evacuated several times and we ask how they decided where to go. They say that the first time they left they went to Memphis but were told the city was full and, since they like the Little Rock area and have vacationed near here in the past, they come here now. For them, it is a happy ending.

Shortly after we hit the road we start seeing cars decorated with magnetic Razorback decals and flags. There are lots of them. As we intersect with I-430, we pass lots of National Guard supply trucks exiting to go south. When we stop for gas we discover that there is a football game in Lafayette tonight at 6:00 pm and they are getting an early start. Must be one long tailgate party. While we are getting gas, a tanker is delivering gas. This is a welcome sight as we are reassured gas is flowing. While we are filling up, a 75 year old man pulls up behind us in a bike almost identical to ours. He tells us where to get the best chicken fried steak and fried chicken in the area. It is only $4.00 for lunch, but Bob passes.

We have seen many bikes on trailers along the way. It is so sad. These people should know that this is a terrible life for the bike -- being all caged up. We actually see a bike in a trailer along with 2 horses. I tried to get a picture, but I wasn't fast enough. This is a much better sight.

It is on to Oklahoma. The scenery is very similar to Arkansas and far more interesting than we expected. I expected a flat, dry dust bowl. Glad I was wrong. Even though we are on I-40, it is very pretty, but it is one of the worst roads we have been on (except the one where the pavement ended), and it goes on for miles. I have been on smoother rollercoasters. Definitely in need of resurfacing. Not too many trucks as it is Saturday and a holiday weekend. A convoy of 50-75 National Guard or Army supply trucks are going in the opposite direction - we know where they are headed. Once again, we are reminded of the destruction of Katrina.

Today ends up being a rather short day, and we check into the motel around 3:00. Just enough time to take a swim while the clothes are washing, and then it is off to Mass at Sacred Heart Church.