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Four Corners - Day 18

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Start Location: Asheville, NC
Ending Location: Marietta, GA
Miles Today: 241
Trip Miles: 5300
States Visited: 22
Provinces Visited: 3
Low Temp: 75 degrees
High Temp: 93 degrees
Min Elevation: 660'
Max Elevation: 2303'

Route Map:

We mentioned that we have been trying to stay at smaller oneof a kind motels whenever possible since they can have a unique atmosphere to them. Sometimes we do great like in White Sulphur Springs and other times we get a baseball bat. Last night was a good one. We knew we were going to be in Asheville so we tried calling ahead to several chains but they were all full. So we went with an unknown based on a description on the Internet and a phone call to the motel. The name was the Forest Manor and it was very nice. The rooms were actually like small cabins in groups of 4. The continental breakfast was served around the pool. And who can argue with a lighted shuffleboard course - no, we didn't play.

I had called earlier in the week and made arrangements to get an oil change and the headlight bulbs changed at a local dealer that was only 1/4 mile from the motel. So I showed up at the dealer at 9:00 am. They took all my info and told me that it would be done in 1-1/2 hours. Unfortunately when I got back at 10:30, they hadn't started - some type of scheduling screw-up. So they got right on it and finished by 11:30 but we still didn't get out until 11:45.

Fortunately, we had an easy day planned today. We were heading to Atlanta, which was only about 230 miles away, to visit my brother Tim and his family. Tim had to be out of town but Barbara and Kyle would be there. The day was sunny and warm when we started out and we quickly passed into South Carolina. We were actually only there a short time before entering Georgia. Although we stayed on interstates the whole day, the roads were very scenic, the traffic was relatively light, and the time passed quickly. Once in Georgia we saw miles of some type of plant which resembled ivy covering trees and bushes and forming strange and interesting shapes. I don't have any idea what type of plant it was but it was really interesting to observe all of the different shapes.

We got into Atlanta at about 4:45, said hello to Barbara and Kyle, and headed out to church. What a difference between today and last week. Last week the service in Watertown, NY was 32 minutes, no music, no extras at all. The service tonight was a huge production - large choir, multiple instruments, lots of singing. After church Barabara fixed an excellent meal and we had a chance to tour their house - very nice and a beautiful neighborhood. We also got to see and spend some time with Kyle, who we haven't seen in years and is doing great.

We will be heading out for Florida tomorrow morning but are a little concerned about the weather. We are following Katrina closely and want to stay as far away as we can. We will probably work our way down the east coast of Florida and hope that the water has drained out of Homestead and then Key West by the time we get there. Then we will have to turn around and head north and then west and hope we miss Katrina again as it makes landfall along the gulf coast somewhere.