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Four Corners - Day 11

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Start Location: Rocky River, OH
Ending Location: Watertown, NY
Miles Today: 414
Trip Miles: 2969
States Visited: 12
Low Temp: 72 degrees
High Temp: 87 degrees
Min Elevation: 369'
Max Elevation: 1246'

Route Map:

We had a great visit in Cleveland, but it is time to hit theroad again. It's another great day to ride. The temperature is great, skies partly cloudy, and very light traffic. We have found that taking interstate highways on weekends is not too bad as there are very few trucks. Getting buffeted all over the road is not a lot of fun. As we head East, we get a great view of downtown Cleveland. We travel right by Jacob's Field but were unable to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

As we travel through Buffalo, NY, I see what looks like a water slide park. Then I see the sign that says that it is a SNOW park for tubing. I know why I don't want to live in Buffalo. I much prefer the water parks. In all fairness, there are many lakes in the area and we also see lots of cars towing boats. Why they are not out on the water enjoying their toys, I don't know. I also begin noticing that many cars are spotted with rust from all the salt that is used on the roads. Not my kind of country. Bob caught me checking the map so I would know where I don't want to move. However, it is rather scenic with all the green and the rolling hills.

Whoever designed the rest areas on I90 through NY really needs to check out what other states have done. They have several different vendors for food, drink, snacks and souveniers, but not nearly enough space to consume the food and nowhere to have a picnic. The parking lot looked like it could have been outside Seahawks Stadium (excuse me, Qwest Field) with all the tailgaters. Very strange site for a rest area. It will be interesting to see what we find in Canada.

We arrive at Watertown, NY, about 4:15 and drive by a Catholic Church (St Anthony's) about 3 blocks from the motel. We discover there is a 5:00 Mass, so we quickly clean up, and off we go. After a 32 minute service, we are out, but not sure that we get full credit for this one. This priest was fast -- no singing, no Gloria, no Creed, short homily. They did take up a collection, so it must have been for real.