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Four Corners - Day 9

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Start Location: Rocky River, OH
Ending Location: Rocky River, OH
Miles Today: 0
Trip Miles: 2555
States Visited: 10
Low Temp: 75 degrees
High Temp: 90 degrees
Min Elevation: 670'
Max Elevation: 670'

Route Map:

Sorry, no map today. Today and tomorrow are non-traveling days. We are hanging out in Cleveland and visiting with mom and Dan. Today we went over to see their new house. It's finished now and they are making the final finishing touches before moving in. I plan to get more pictures tomorrow and will post them. One of the packages for my motorcycle arrived today. It's the EZ Air Combo. Besides needing air in the tires, the Goldwing has air shocks in the rear and air forks in the front suspension and not many gas stations have compressed air avaiable. Our bike has an onboard compressor for the rear shocks and an additional outlet for the compressor but it doesn't have a long enough hose to get to the tires. The package I ordered solves this problem. It is an extension hose and a very accurate pressure gauge. We tried it out and, although it is a little slow, it worked just fine. The other package did not come but will be here today.

We spent the afternoon working on their computer. It would lock up when you attempted to go online and, every time you rebooted, an application would try to go online and take over the computer. I had a relatively new version of Grisoft's AVG Anti Virus software and was able to burn it to a CD from my laptop and then load it onto their computer. When I ran it the first time it found and deleted 3 infected files. I then went online and let it update the virus definition files and ran another scan and this time it found and removed 16 infected files. I thought I had it so I went online and checked mail and the web but the computer seemed to lock up again. I rebooted, ran another scan, and got 5 more infected files. It looks like there is still something else in there that appears to be benign but, as soon as you go online, it either replicates or downloads virus files. I'll work on it some more today but may not have enough time to figure it all out.

While I was doing that, mom and Linda worked on cutting out material for some new valances for the new house.

Dan took us all out to dinner in the evening and we had a great dinner and enjoyed visiting with them later in the evening.