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Four Corners - Day 7

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Start Location: Naperville, IL
Ending Location: Naperville, IL
Miles Today: 0
Trip Miles: 2189
States Visited: 8
Low Temp: 65 degrees
High Temp: 88 degrees
Min Elevation: 725'
Max Elevation: 725'

Route Map:

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Well today was a down day. We just stayed in Naperville. Since we don't have a route map, today you get a map of my morning run. The run was on a beautiful trail in a forest preserve that's only about 0.4 miles from Linda's folks house. It was very quiet and refreshingly cool in there this morning. Although it may appear that part of the run was in a small body of water, I can assure you that it was not. It must be some type of GPS/mapping anomoly. I can also display the routes on satellite maps and, when viewd on a satellite map, I clearly missed the water.

We did get a few things accomplished today. I went to CompUSA and got a USB wireless network adaptor for the rest of the trip. I washed the bugs and the top layer of dirt off the bike. Linda went to Joanne Fabrics with her mother. And mostly we rested. I also made reservations in Cleveland for the next couple of nights and got a room with high speed wireless so we can try out the new adaptor. You gotta love new toys.

We will try to get a reasonable start tomorrow but I'm not too excited about the day. I know what the traffic around here can be like. Just two months ago we were here and drove to Columbus with Linda's folks for a wedding. We traveled some of the same route and it took about 3 hours for the first 50 miles. We could try to take back roads but, with all of the small towns in this part of the country, it could take days to get there. So we will just suck it up and hope that, with limited expectations, they can only be exceeded.