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Four Corners - Day 6

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Start Location: LaCrosse, WI
Ending Location: Naperville, IL
Miles Today: 280
Trip Miles: 2189
States Visited: 8
Low Temp: 60 degrees
High Temp: 83 degrees
Min Elevation: 650'
Max Elevation: 1352'

Route Map:

It is going to be hard to top last night's experience, so weare not even giong to try. We are looking forward to a nice pleasant ride.

The day started out a little foggy (the weather, not me), but it cleared up within the first 10 miles. The scenery was much greener than we expected. Lots of rolling hills and fields. As long as we are all happy to eat nothing but wheat, soy beans and corn, we will be well fed. The fields were planted in a strange manner. There would be a strip of corn and then a strip of beans. It made for very interesting patterns in the field. Maybe retired farmers become groundskeepers for baseball teams. I always wondered where they came up with the patterns for the grass.

The trip from Madison, WI to Naperville gave us a taste of what it is going to be like for the next several weeks from a traffic stand point. Nothing but crowded roads and lots of construction, but we made it through another day safe and sound. Didn't have any trouble finding a place to stay tonight and I am certain the accomodations will be top notch.

Today was a relatively short day and we will be taking tomorrow off from riding to visit with my parents, do laundry, and shop for whatever we have forgotten. Then it will be on to Cleveland for a visit.