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Four Corners - Day 4

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Start Location: Bowman, ND
Ending Location: Milbank, SD
Miles Today: 364
Trip Miles: 1569
States Visited: 5
Low Temp: 50 degrees
High Temp: 70 degrees
Min Elevation: 1135'
Max Elevation: 2995'

Route Map:

It's a new day! We started by putting on most of the clothes we brought with us as well as a new attitude. Yesterday is history.

One mile into the ride, we encounter our first obstacle. The sign says PAVEMENT ENDS! Sure enought, they were right. There were 3 Harley riders a little ways ahead of us and they turned around. We thought about it for a few seconds and realized there was no other road to take. So we forged on. This is what the road looked like. It could have been worse as it ONLY lasted for 12 miles.

The next sign reads BUMPY ROAD next 10 miles. They lied. It was 20 miles. Bob said the first thing we have to do when we get home is to go to the dentist and have the fillings fixed that were jarred loose. Thinking the worst was over, we relaxed. What a mistake. The next sign said FRESH TAR LOOSE GRAVEL next 12 miles. This was all before we left the state of North Dakota. Good riddance.

The scenery has definitely changed since yesterday. This is looking forward and this is looking backward. Notice the absence of raindrops. It has also warmed up to about 60 degrees.

Lewis and Clark joined us again for part of the day. Those guys really knew how to pick a route. They took us across the Missouri River at Mobridge (Missouri bridge). Clever name, huh?

The rest of the day was not very exciting, but at that point, is was OK. We did notice that things are definitely getting much greener and warmer the further East we go.

Unfortunately, the day ended much the same way that it began. We hit another PAVEMENT ENDS sign. Same story as before only this time it was much drier and very dusty. We washed some of the dust off but hardly made a dent in it. Some days you just can't win.

We didn't do very well for an Internet connection tonight. No wireless and the dial-up was only about 26.4. However the room was only $39.53 so I guess that's a pretty good tradeoff. Hopefully there won't be any bugs. We'll see.