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Four Corners - Day 1

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Start Location: Everett,WA
Ending Location: Lewiston, ID
Miles Today: 386
Trip Miles: 386
States Visited: 2
Low Temp: 53 degrees
High Temp: 95 degrees
Min Elevation: 10'
Max Elevation: 2992'

Route Map:

The write-up may be a little brief today. The day didn't start off very well from a technical stand point. Due to a little mix up, our email account was cancelled and when they restored it, it was changed. So we now have a new email address of bob.linda.gardner@verizon.net. Sorry for the inconvenience.

When we finally left, it was cloudy (but NOT raining!!!) and cool. Once we reached Snoqualmie Pass, the sun magically appeared (I am sure Jason would have a long narrative of how this happened) and the temperature began to rise. Much more comfortable. Our only mishap was a slight scenic detour in either Pasco or Kennewick. Don't know which as I don't know where we were. If this is the only time we get lost, it will be a great trip. We followed the Lewis and Clark Trail out of Yakima, and following that theme we are staying at the Sacajawea Motor Inn.

Stay tuned for the next thrilling adventure.