3 Flags - Day 0

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So this is what a Google Map looks like. For those of you new to Google Maps, there are several ways to interact with the map. You can pan or move the map using two methods. First you can click on any of the 4 arrows in the upper left corner to pan in that direction. Clicking in the center of these arrows will always take you back to the beginning position if you get lost. Secondly you can move the mouse to any point on the map, press the left button, and, while holding the left button pressed, just move the map anywhere you want. You can also zoom the map by clicking on either the "+" or "-" squares on either end of the slider also in the upper left hand corner. You can also change the map background by clicking one of the buttons in the upper right hand corner. While the default is a street map, the other choices are a satellite map or a hybrid which is a combination of both.

Finally there should be markers along the way. This is where we took pictures and, clicking on a marker, will show you a small thumbnail view of the picture. Clicking on the thumbnail will present a full size image of the picture.

I hope everyone enjoys the trip as much as I'm sure we will.

Thanks for stopping by.